15 of the Best Bicycle Blogs

In honor of the new bike season nearly upon us, I’ve picked out a selection of 15 of my favourite bike blogs – in no particular order – for your viewing pleasure. There are countless fantastic sites to be enjoyed, so here are just a few I found to be informative, entertaining, or just simply visually appealing but sure to inspire.

1) Bicycling Magazine

Why We Like It: Road biking, mountain biking, and cycling rolled into a one-stop shop for all your two-wheeled needs and news.

2) Pedaling Nowhere

Why We Like It: For more than just bike-packing enthusiasts, this beautiful bike travel blog features bucket list routes, gear reviews, and adventure stories to fuel your wanderlust. You’ll find top tips, perfect pack-lists, and unique beer pairings for your journeys.

3) Red Kite Prayer

Why We Like It: Some of the best in the biz post their essays, news, and gear reviews for cycling.

4) Adventure Journal

Why We Like It: Aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully written, you could easily spend hours perusing each of its essay, list, photo, and gear review sections on cycling, mountain biking, and beyond.

5) Modacity Life

Why We Like It: From one family’s inspiring story of choosing to adopt a car-free lifestyle, Modacity promotes multi-modal transportation, accessible infrastructure, and healthy living through storytelling.


Why We Like It: Chock full of relevant information in bike editorials, photos, videos, and news with a North Shore spin for readers on the West Coast, with plenty more to satisfy everyone else.

7) Vital MTB

Why We Like It: An appropriately self-described “awesome online mountain bike community” including news, reviews, photos, and video.

8) Momentum Mag

Why We Like It: Urban cycling news meets how-to guide meets lifestyle magazine.

9) Lovely Bicycle

Why We Like It: Beautiful photographs with a backdrop of the Irish countryside, a captivating voice, and an emphasis on classics in stories, musings, and reviews written almost exclusively by one delightfully bike-obsessed woman.

10) Fat Cyclist

We We Like It: Witty, honest, and relatable, this blog is laugh-out-loud funny by one good-hearted family man and his will to lose weight on a bicycle and raise awareness for important causes.

11) Bike Snob NYC

Why We Like It: Blunt, cynical, and highly amusing rants relating to cycling culture.

12) Cycling Challenge: Cycling in the Alps

Why We Like It: With a new challenge each year, this blogger treats his readers to some incredible European landscapes from his favourite rides.

13) Drunk Cyclist

Why We Like It: Vulgar and sarcastic, not for the faint of heart!

14) LGRAB: Let’s Go Ride a Bike

Why We Like It: Two ladies on a mission to live a life of cycling and inspire others to do the same.

15) Cycle Chic

Why We Like It: The ever-hip Copenhagen Cycle Chic is the perfect union of style and urban bike riding.

Bonus: EcoVelo

Why We Like It: This blog is no longer updated but still features an excellent six-part Bike Commuting 101 series for beginner commuters well worth checking out.

Are there any great blogs you think we’ve missed? Let us know!

William Greenbaum is a Vancouver-based travel writer and bicycle nut that took up cycling about 6 years ago, and within a few months lost 20 lbs, took up racing and practically lives on his bike. But when William isn’t cycling from Vancouver to Whistler, BC he’s a writer for Skiis & Biikes in Vancouver, BC – a 7 Store Chain of Family Friendly People that love everything about cycling, bike fitting, great gear and accessories.

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