How to Do Your Laundry While Traveling

Traveling and doing laundry are two things that should be done separately. However, if you like living out of a backpack, you are bound to do your laundry from time to time. No mater if you only have two T-shirts and two pairs of pants, you still need to keep them clean. Contrary to what many people think, travelers are not some stinky wanderers to whom personal hygiene is nothing but a nasty habit. No, no, no! They are just like everybody else, they just see the world a bit differently.

So, how do you wash your clothes when traveling? There are several ways to do your laundry when on the road and Deep Cleaning Earls Court are going to show you a couple of them in this article. Even though it’s really hard to keep a stylish wardrobe while moving from one location to another, you still need to take some clothes with you. And yes, you need to launder sometimes to have some clean clothes to put on. You can get an Eco friendly laundry hamper to keep your clothes in.

What options do you have? Check out below.

1) Take clothes to a launderette

Your first option is to take your dirty clothes to a launderette. This is an inexpensive and convenient way to get your clothes all clean and dried, and is especially recommended for longer trips. Doing laundry at a launderette may take some time but it allows for a bulkier pile of clothes to be washed, plus it requires no effort on your part. The only problem is you need to be very patient for the machine to wash all the laundry. The good thing is, many washing machines only take one and a half hours to do the trick. Reading a good book while this is happening will make your time there more enjoyable. 

When thinking about launderettes, what often comes to mind is that episode of Mr Bean at the launderette where he is experiencing a series of funny moments with the other customers and the washing machine itself. Sorry, just had to say this.

But back to the topic, laundrettes are not the only option here. In fact you can also use a

2) Laundry Service

If you don’t have an afternoon to spend on washing your own clothes, then go for this option. Take your clothes to a laundry service where a person will take care of them for you. It’s not expensive at all and you pay by the kilo. So, if you don’t take too many clothes with you during your trips, you’ll be lucky to use a laundry service.

3) Hotel sinks

If you want to stick to old traditions and you prefer to wash your clothes by hand, then you can use a hotel sink to do the trick. This is a quicker solution, especially if you’re not fond of launderettes and other public services. In fact, at some point you’ll have to do a little laundry in your sink, it’s just inevitable. There are clothes whose fabric is very delicate and cannot be washed in the washing machine. And sometimes, the laundry is not that much, so there is no need to use a laundry service at all. In these cases you could simply use a sink and a little washing powder. Fill in the hotel sink with hot water, add the washing powder and soak your clothes. After a while, just scrub and swish them. Rinse well and dry.

Stores offer small packets of washing powder which are just perfect for this kind of situation. Make sure you take advantage of this. You’ll also need a sink stopper to keep the water into the sink.

Travel safe and do laundry smart.

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