A Must Have for Any Travellers: Itinerary Tracking Apps

As a regular international business traveller, I would often find myself having several flights booked for different dates and times. Keeping up with all the information was beginning to become a bit difficult. I was currently using a day planner for my needs, however it was not easy to track upcoming events, all the meetings I needed to attend and other important travel factors. A colleague of mine suggested using a app on my phone for tracking and managing my itinerary. I decided to look for what was available and came up with four options, currently I use WorldMate, however may change if some of the other platforms update their platforms.

This is what I found about the various itinerary tracking apps that were available, you should consider you specific needs to determine the one that will work best for you.

1. TripIt

This app provides a single itinerary for everything including flight, hotel and car rental. All of this information is emailed to the TripIt site to ensure you have the latest information about confirmations, delays or cancellations. You can download the app for $49 annually, which may seem pricey, but has become an investment well-made for my travels. You can also access past reservations if you have a particular hotel or room you wish to stay in and it provides directions to the airport, as well as layouts of the terminals.

2. WorldMate

This app has several more features and free tools than the other options. You can integrate your Linkedln connections, search for nearby restaurants, have an easy to use currency converter (which has become very useful for business travel) and weather forecasts. One of the most appealing considerations is the fact that this app is free, and has features that others do not.

3. Trip Case

This itinerary app provides instant imports when you book with one of the 600 supported travel agencies. You can also call the airline through the app if you wish to change or alter your flight or seating arrangement. You can only share your itinerary with email contacts, and not social networks. This app also has limited features and tools for itinerary management.

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