7 Hot Tourist Destinations in Maine

Maine is one of the most scenic states in America. It is the northeastern most state bordering Canada to the east. The beauty of this part of the country is seen through its nature reserves and parks. These are among the tourist attractions that bring vacationers from around the world to Maine. Those who love the great outdoors and awe-inspiring landscapes, find exciting things to do here.

There are tourist destinations in Maine that showcase the history of the state, as well as contemporary locations to explore. Depending on your interests you will find things to do and to see on your visit. Maine vacation rentals are available in different sizes. These can be great options for extended trips or even weekend getaways. These 7 Hot Tourist Destinations in Maine may inspire you to explore this location.

1. Lighthouse Tours

There are 60+ lighthouses throughout the state of Maine. Many tourists from around the world love the history that these structures present. Spread along the coastline, lighthouse tours provide great views of the state and the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Maine Restaurants

The cuisine of this state includes some of the world’s best seafood. Sampling menus from restaurants like 51 Wharf Restaurant & Ultra Lounge can help you experience Maine. The state’s sampling of lobster is one of the things that attract tourists. There are 30 breweries throughout the state and select wineries.

3. Casco Bay Islands

These islands provide visitors with thrilling sights of the area. Taking a Portland ferry is the best way to explore the islands. Cruises at sunset are also available for those wanting a romantic island experience. Tourists love the ocean sights, swimming and boating.

4. Maine’s Casinos

Casinos are some of the most thrilling vacation destinations in California according to They include gaming, nightlife entertainment and various other activities to guests. Two popular locations in Maine are the Oxford Casino in Oxford and the Hollywood Casino in Bangor.

5. Acadia National Park

Maine is known for its amazing park locations. Acadia National Park is another fine example of these parks. It is a 47,000-acre park that includes views of glaciers, beaches and forest landscape. Hikers and climbers enjoy the offerings here.

6. Maine Museum Trail

The museums along this trail present visitors with insightful information about the state. There are at least 7 different museums to consider in this group. Included with these are the Portland Museum of Art and the Monhegan Museum of Art and History.

7. Maine Shopping

Many cities and towns in the state offer specialized shopping experiences. These include things like ceramics and leather apparel central to the state. Portland boutique shopping presents visitors with great ways to find souvenirs. Acadia World Traders is an intriguing stop for arts, crafts and jewelry.

Vacationing in Maine is a great way to learn more about the state. Sampling the cuisine that is popular to this portion of the country is a fun endeavor. This is another way to enjoy the sights and sounds that residents experience each day. Tourist destinations attract couples, families and singles to this area. It is possible to view wildlife and settings that are central to this state alone. Rental like Champions Gate villas Orlando properties provide visitors with the accommodations they need to see the attractions of Orlando.

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