How to Meet Others While Traveling

How to Meet Others While Travelling

Traveling along is often a fear most people have if they can’t find a partner to travel with. Well i’m here to tell you that it’s actually quite fun and I totally recommend it!

I’ve travelled with family, friends and solo. I’ve found each to be quite a unique experience and I’ll tell you why you might want to travel solo.

  1. You can do things you want when you want to.
  2. If you’re single, traveling is a great way to meet others and perhaps that special someone!
  3. It’s usually cheaper. You’re not forced to do tours that you’re not totally gung-ho about. You probably won’t eat out as much. It’s just usually cheaper because you don’t need to think about what your other partner wants to do.

So hopefully I’ve convinced you enough to take on your next big trip solo. Don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy to meet people while traveling. During my 6 month travels through Europe, I was only alone for about 1-2 days at a time. Below are some of my tips to meeting locals and other travelers to share your journey!

1. Get into couchsurfing.

If you’re on a budget or want to meet some locals, it’s a great way to crash on someone’s couch/bed/etc. The reason I loved this way of travel is simple. First off, it’s cheap. It’s actually so cheap, it’s completely FREE. Secondly, it’s great if you’re traveling alone because upon your arrival in a new city, you’ll have a local that might show you around. I did this in the US and Europe and had a wonderful time meeting locals that way.

2. Check into Hostels

Although considered a more youthful way of travel, it’s not. I remember going into a hostel and there is a wide variety of age differences. is your best bet. This is the best way to meet with other travelers. Usually they are excited to explore as much as you do. Hostels also can give recommendations on what to see and do.

3. Do the guided tours

They are usually free in Europe, but I don’t think they are in South America; however, it’s a great way to meet others. It’s quite easy to strike up a conversation with a fellow traveller, exchange information and meet them later for drinks.

4. Work on your beer belly

If you’re into drinking. Pub crawls is definitely a great way to socialize and meet others.

5. AirBnB and stay with a local

If you’re not into hostels or couchsurfing, you can try AirBnb. You’ll stay at someone’s house who is a local and could tell you more about where to meet people or what to see. I did this while I was in South America and had a good experience.

Written by Ryan Lum

Ryan is an avid bucket lister. Travel, photography, blogging and adventure are some of his hobbies. He once went on a trip to Spain and was robbed of all his stuff except his clothes. No money, no insurance, no identification and no way to contact family and friends from back home. Did he end his trip? No way! He ended up running with the bulls in Pamplona the very next day.


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