The 50 Best Study Abroad Memes I’ve Ever Seen

The 50 Best Study Abroad Memes I’ve Ever Seen

So if you’ve studied abroad, you could probably relate to most of these. I know that I’m guilty of a couple of them. It’s always funny running into all the awkward situations that you find yourself in while studying abroad. Have a look at some of the memes below and let me know how many you’re guilty of!

Discovering how big the Mona Lisa actually is.

When I show up to the club too sober

When I tried Sangria in Spain

When my best friend was accepted to the same program as me.

When I learned there was free alcohol on the 9 hour plane ride.

When my friend asks me if I am really going to eat gelato every single day.

When my friend asks me if the Albanian guy she made out with at the club last night was hot.

When I tasted a banana and nutella crepe for the first time.

Whenever I am drunk and meet someone with a British accent

When my friend asks me where we are going to eat thanksgiving dinner

When the creepy italian guy is eyeing me when I’m hungover at breakfast

He’s like

and I’m just like

When I realize I actually have to attend classes this semester.

When I successfully navigate public transportation for the first time.

When at the airport they tell me I can throw some of my stuff away to make my bag weigh less.

When I arrive at the nude beach and saw the Europeans laying out.

When I walk home at night from the club.

When I realize German chocolate cake is not actually from Germany

The whole table when my friend successfully orders in the native language

When I take the overnight train

the creepy guy across from me is all

and I just sit there like

When I drink the 2 euro wine

The first week I’m like

By the end of the semester I’m like

When I think I got on the wrong bus and have a mini panic attack

When the guides ask for donations at the end of the free walking tour

I’m just like

When I realize the bread on the table is not free

When other Americans show up at our favorite hang out

Whenever someone talk to me for the first month

When my friend and I ask a cute guy to take a touristy picture of us

When the shampoo explodes in my suitcase

When my mom sends me a care package from home.

When I get to Barcelona and no one speaks Spanish

When I try to make the royal guards laugh at Buckingham Palace

I’m like

They are like

So I give up and I’m just like

When I’m told to rub another statue for good luck

When I try to blend in

But I actually look like

When I try to apply for my visa

When my friends come to visit and it is raining

When I buy a fresh load of bread at the market every day

My friend is all:

and I’m just like:

When I go out to eat.

I order so much food and I’m just like:

And then I convert the bill into US dollars and I’m like:

But then the wine kicks in and I’m just like:

When I decide to wear heels out at night on the cobblestone



When I realize the coins in my pocket are worth more than just cents

When an Italian guy comes up to me at a nightclub

How all the salespeople look at me when I walk into Harrods

When my friends and I see a group of obnoxious American girls



Ryan is an avid bucket lister. Travel, photography, blogging and adventure are some of his hobbies. He once went on a trip to Spain and was robbed of all his stuff except his clothes. No money, no insurance, no identification and no way to contact family and friends from back home. Did he end his trip? No way! He ended up running with the bulls in Pamplona the very next day.
  • This was just amazing! HAHAHAHA

  • Warrenbeatty

    First of all, the majority of this is not a meme, they’re reaction gifs, all stolen from the same tumblr, which you barely mention at the end. Post like these with no original content show no integrity on the part of adventureseeker and I will never click on content from you ever again.


  • Trev

    (most) Americans ruin study abroad

    • Andie

      I am American, studied abroad, and had an amazing time because I didn’t get wasted every night and actually experienced the culture and learned the language. But you’re right, most people spend more time at the club than in the culture itself…

      • Laura

        You can experience culture and still go out every night. I studied abroad in Italy and traveled all over the country and to Greece and spent my days (not in class obv) experiencing the landmarks, art, museums, shopping, and eating at restaurants, all of which are a part of culture. To make the best of my time traveling, at night I would go out with my friends and meet tons of great people – all from different places. By the way, considering the club/party scene is a subculture which contributes to the overall culture of a society, going out is just another way of experiencing a part of their culture. Learned a bit of language while I was there, too. Succhiare il mil culo.

        • Laura

          My autocorrect changed mio to mil.

          • Mia Burnett

            Maybe Andie is more suggesting people who ONLY go to clubs. I definitely see what you are saying about clubs being an interesting part of the culture to explore as well, but at least for the program I am in now many people only go to party with other USers and do nothing else. Obviously these people are going to an extreme however.

    • Stefano

      ^ said the most pretentious douche ever

  • sdafafsa

    I’m from Venezuela, when I convert my bills from Us dollars to my currency I’m like O.O WHAT

  • Cat of Sunshine and Siestas

    This was me the first year I lived abroad, too. Yikes.

  • None of these, this is for chicks.

    • Chris

      All lists that start with “The (number) best” are for chicks. What were you expecting?

  • Brad

    Really funny, would love to see some for studying abroad in a developing country.

  • Taice

    hilarious and true!!

  • Nika

    Serious props. This is great

  • middletoe

    Most of these… aren’t even memes. They’re reaction gifs : Which is not nearly as fun.

  • Ptaytay

    Apparently Europe is the only place people study abroad…

    • Rachel

      And only like 5 countries in Western Europe at that.

      • The Awesome

        I’m going to study abroad in Japan next year.

        • aroui ilyes


  • Charlie Starke

    apparently only chicks study abroad..

  • Tamil Selvi


  • Absolutely, most hit the nail on the head :)

  • Yoyo mann

    I studied abroad in India. This doesn’t even begin to cover it haha

  • Fo real

    Spoiler alert: no one cares about your rich white girl study abroad crap.
    P.S. Study A Broad Lol

  • KK

    Funny! but in my experience Americans in Italy got wasted the first night, some got arrested for not paying their bills, many lost their phones and wallets, and the other half got robbed or beaten up. With the rest of their time- Americans ate tacos at the mexican restaurant and never learned to say ‘Hi my name is…” in italian.


    To all the students out there here are some top tips to saving money and staying safe while abroad!

  • simply ebin :^)

    This entire thing is basically how to ruin studying abroad and make all Americans look stupid 101.

  • Steve McElroy

    THIS!…is why they hate us.

  • Mia

    Too bad all of this is so freaking Euro-centric. Even included gif.s of Middle eastern/Asian/ etc but never mentioned them

  • sally gordon

    Why only Europe? I’m abroad in Korea.

  • Juanjo Parcero Q

    Any tips for that 12 euro flights thingy?

  • Dario Crociani

    I’m Italian and I found this offensive >:(

    • nobody cares

      nobody gives a shit.

  • Bella

    This makes studying abroad look like 4 months of getting wasted, which is not what everyone does. First of all, I actually did learn the language, and so did a lot of other people in my program. Second of all, there’s a lot more to the experience than spending all your free time in a drunk haze… I can’t believe that in 50 memes that’s all you managed to express. I really hope that someone debating whether or not to study abroad will not read this, because you make it sound like a really expensive mistake.

    • Bethany

      Yes! I just returned from studying abroad and the only ones I can even remotely relate to are the “What my parents think I do” and “What my professors think I do” parts of the studying in Paris image. Imagine that, I actually went abroad to study and build my application for grad school. Crazy!

  • Anna

    studied abroad in rome last semester and i can confirm i ate gelato every single day

  • Raúl Villanueva

    at the beginning you can tell it is made by: 1. Americans 2.Girls 3. in Italy. It gets way better afterwards though :P

  • TeAnna

    Nothing in comparison to my study abroad experience… but then again it was a developing country and I was there for an archaeology dig.

  • bpquack

    my favorite part of the list was the taeyeon gif LOL

  • Becks

    So Americans dont know how to use public transit, what nutella is, are obnoxious, and are extremely narrow-minded (only hang out with Americans).
    No offense. Not all Americans but the ones portrayed in this post only

  • Poor Italian guy

  • Still didn’t learn to make a blog properly…well, american.