How To Liveaboard A Boat Full Time

Living aboard on a boat sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

Imagine the waking up to the sunrise and relaxing on the deck during a sunset. At bedtime, you’ll be able to enjoy the gentle rocking of the boat as it puts you to sleep. The thought of living on a boat is surely no less than heaven on Earth. However, being a boat owner may have a few problems of its own. I can give you a few pointers to smoothen out the transition from living in a house to living out your dreams of living on a boat.

Is living on a boat right for me?

Almost anyone can live aboard a boat. It is an adventure in its own self and a good alternative to land-based residences. However, there could be a few space constraints. Living aboard a boat usually means living in small quarters. Most people who decide to take up this lifestyle end up selling a lot of their possessions as there isn’t always room for all your stuff.

If you plan on making this transition to living on a boat, you’ll want to consider several key things: you’ll have to consider living a more minimal lifestyle, your boat will have issues and you’ll need to fix them, and you’ll need to get creative!

What sort of boat should I choose?

Starting off, when you realize that you want to live aboard, search for boats that you can relate to as your “home”. It sounds easy, but isn’t quite. The usual appreciated boat is said to be 33 feet long. You’ll also need to consult the marina you wish to dock your boat as some marinas will have a minimum boat size requirement for living aboard.

One thing you should note is that the larger your vessel, the more maintenance will it require. Moreover it is wise to say that wood and water do not get along. Even though wood provides beautiful look and is very functional, it requires a lot of maintenance.  Moreover while buying a boat avoid, “fixer-uppers”. Never buy a wreck of a boat and think you can live on it while you renovate. It’s simply not possible so we recommend you don’t try it. Lastly, look for a place where you will put the boat, because where you dock your boat becomes part of your home as well. You may want to look out for noisy neighbors.

How economical is living aboard?

Some people wonder if it’s cheaper to live on land or aboard. That depends on a lot of things ranging from your lifestyle, the type of boat you choose and the sort of amenities that you are used to. There are usually a lot of hidden costs associated with living aboard. Make sure you take care of things like the monthly boat payment, slip fees, insurance, and general utility expenses, operating costs and boat maintenance fee, if any. In most cases, living aboard a boat can be quite economical and usually costs a lot less than living on land.

Will I still be connected to everyone and everything on land?

In case you are wondering if you will have access to Internet and cable, then that mostly depends on where you dock your boat. If the cable companies provide service to where you dock your boat, then yes, you can spend all the time you want, glued to the television. If not, you can use an antenna or satellite dish mounted on the deck. Many marinas offer wireless high speed internet. There are also options for satellite internet connection like the ones they have on cruise ships. Keep in mind this option is a lot more costly.

How often do the boats require maintenance?

Keep your Boat Sea worthy; don’t let the engine rust or the wires wear away. If you get a boat to live in, go sail down the water at least twice a week.

In the longer run, always reserve a budget for maintaining the boat. As the boats permanently reside in the water, water may do a lot of damage than you can predict. After every 8 months or so, haul your boat out of water and get it inspected. Click here to find more boat guides.

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