10 of the Best Hot Springs from Around the World

For centuries, people have been flocking to hot springs for reported health benefits, and in many places around the world, the scenery around the hot springs is as therapeutic as the water itself is thought to be. Read on to discover ten must-experience hot springs, situated around the globe.

Ma’In Hot Springs

Located in Jordan, these hot springs are notable because they’re heated by underground lava fissures and enriched with minerals like calcium and potassium. You’ll also find hyperthermal waterfalls there.

San Miguel de Allende

This Mexican hot springs destination became a favorite with movie stars, and rumor has it, the waters can reverse aging. Check them out for yourself by visiting Escondido Place, where you can book time in the spa, dine at the restaurant or relax in one of the green spaces.

Szechenyi Bath

There are dozens of hot springs in Budapest, Hungary, but this particular choice is a standout because it’s 100 years old this year. Soak away your cares in one of three outdoor pools or position aching muscles under a waterfall.

Thermae Bath Spa

Billed as Britain’s first and only natural thermal spa, this destination was depended on by World War II servicemen, and may have inspired events in Jane Austen books where characters frequently “took to the waters” to ease what ailed them. Because the waters here have more than 35 minerals contained within, physicians have been sending patients to them for decades.

Radium Hot Springs

Nestled in the Canadian Rockies, this British Columbian destination is within a village located near the southern entrance of Kootenay National Park. Once you’ve spent time in the hot springs, find other things to do like skiing, golfing and fine dining choices.

Kah-Nee-Ta Springs

Bathe in hot springs within an area the size of two Olympic swimming pools at this Oregonian possibility. It’s open year round, and the temperature is altered slightly to coincide with seasonal changes. There are even two water slides that connect to the springs.

Mission Hills, Haikou, China

Here, the hot springs are themed so visitors can experience the water-based healing traditions of each continent. You can also meditate at the area’s wishing well.

Hot Springs State Park, Wyoming

The water temperature here is maintained at 135 degrees Fahrenheit, but within the public bathhouse, it’s regulated down to 104 degrees. Admission is free, and the park also includes over six miles of hiking trails.

Natal Spa Resort

Found in Paulpietersburg South Africa, this relaxing destination has views of the Bivane River and is home to many native birds. Spend a week there and enjoy the welcome convenience of on-site accommodations and world-class dining.

Barra do Garças in West Brazil

Head here and stop at the Parque das Aguas Quentes, a themed aquatic complex that has activities for the whole family, and is open daily The surrounding area has both mountains and forests, so you’re sure to have the benefit of gorgeous scenery as you enjoy the heated waters.

Now you should have ten great reasons to see the world and soothe sore muscles while you’re at it. Use the list above for inspiration and take part in an unforgettably restorative activity which could be the best addiction treatment program around!

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